Flight Operations Management Training 
for Part 91 and 135 flight departments

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Webinars are lectures or seminars which are hosted online. They are typically a high level overview of a specific subject. They are a great way to sample a course before committing to it.

On-line Courses

We offer online courses covering hundreds of topics related to managing a flight operation. Convenient, interesting and rigorous, you will find these courses enjoyable and challenging.


Workshops are instructor led, scenario based and interactive. They take the theory and information you learned in a course and put it into action using modern day scenarios.

1 On 1 Coaching

Have you ever wished you had someone you could turn to for expert advice. Advice from someone who has "been there" and has practical experience? Or... just needed someone to hold you accountable?

Auditing Services

Our experts have years of experience managing Part 91 and Part 135 flight departments. Assess any aspect or all including safety, regulatory compliance, accounting, human resources, operations, maintenance and more. Also we can help you to build an effective internal audit.

Manual Writing

Operation Specifications, General Operations Manuals, Flight Operations Manuals, Training Programs, General Maintenance Manuals, Standard Operating Procedures, MEL's, LOA's, employee handbooks, security protocols and more. We can teach you to DIY or we can do them for you!

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Competent Airman, Capable Manager, Inspired Leader

Get your career on track. Our training will give you a foundation of competence, confidence and inspiration. Our students are the leaders of tomorrow.
Our courses are perfect for Presidents, Executive Assistants, VP's, Directors and Chief Pilots. The training is specific to Part 91, 125 and 135 operators.

What people Are Saying...

"Let me start by saying your content is exceptional... Some will likely say that the lesson on The US Legal System is mundane, because it is the 40,000 foot overview rather than the nuts and bolts. I would remind them that you start with the basics. I learned about Bournelli before I discovered the effects of shock-wave on an airfoil. The discussion of legal principals in the US is worth the time spent."
Captain Richard Hall

G200 PIC and former Chief Pilot and Director of Operations
Overall I think the course content for The US Legal System lesson is very good. Very professional and very good content. The You Tube video on LAWS was a perfect added bonus of humor that made me laugh, gave me good understanding, and kept my focus.I didn’t see any FLUFF added it was all content or related content. I think you got a winner!
Captain Greg Meech

Falcon 2000 PIC and former Chief Pilot and CEO
I just logged in and completed the Intro the US Legal System. I think it’s a solid course. The material is appropriate and well thought out. It flows well chronologically and builds a good foundation...something that’s lacking with 119 managers today. It’s obvious you’ve put a lot of time and professional effort into this course-ware.
Captain Josh Hall
G-IV PIC and former Chief Pilot and Director of Operations

Frequently asked questions

What is the Subject Matter Expert (SME) course bundle?

We believe that the foundation for flight department leaders is a solid grasp on the subject matter used by the flight department for which they work. Corporate flight departments have little use for Part 135 regulations. Part 135 operators, however, must abide by both Part 91 and 135 rules.  Subject matter expertise sets the stage for competent managers and confident leaders regardless the operating rules.

What are the levels required for job certification?

There are three levels that applicants must master prior to being issued the Chief Pilot Professional Certificate or the Director of Aviation Professional Certificate. They are:
Level 1 - Subject Matter Expert
Level 2 - Flight Department Management
Level 3 - Aviation Industry Leadership

Can I use this training to qualify for the NBAA CAM designation?

At this time we are not yet approved as source training for the CAM. We hope to change this in the future.

Is there a time limit to finishing the courses required for job certification?

At this time no, but this could change in the future.
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